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DLNZ Productions


"Have you ever heard a melody or some form of echoing beat in

your head and you wanted someone to bring it to Life? Well I have, and

DLINZ was the first person to ever bring the music inside my head out

and make it into a reality. If you’re looking for everything other than

the norm then he is your guy! If you are looking for a beat to challenge

your song writing skills and flow, then DLINZ is your guy. I have known

him for a few years now and have had the pleasure of working with this

talented brother as well. Each session was Unique. DLINZ Productions

is, Unique. Let him bring your Music to Life* -Laya Aguilar

"I have worked with a few different producers and engineers over the past 10 years, and Derek Linzy is by far the most competent. I choose to work specifically with him and only him because of his knowledge and comfortable demeanor in the studio. He is always open to ideas, and uses his skill sets and feedback on what you’d like--- to get an excellent product. I have worked exclusively with him for almost 3 years and have always been satisfied. Derek comes highly recommended by me if you are looking for quality work."

-Amaris Rose 

"When I walked into the studio I came expecting a very general, basic interaction. But as I was working with Derek I realized that he not only knows how to make music, but he knows how to get into your mind and spirit and create magic. He helped me discover a piece of me that I was missing... originality!! Because of his quality and affordable work and his great work ethic, he has made a long time customer."


"First impressions can say a lot about a person and when I met Derek Linzy i was elated and honored. His laid back down to earth conversation opened up so many of my creative doors, pulling energy that I personally had been looking for in a producer. At our very first sit down, we had almost created a whole project. I call him the Timberland to my Missy Elliott. It was like we complimented each others craft and pushed each other to the limit. I really enjoyed the recording process, it was simple, energized yet educational, very peaceful, and no slacking occurred on either of our behalves (The perfect way to work, in my opinion). During the whole process he stayed in contact and very professional. I noticed that her takes his clients projects very seriously, and the finished product will melt you away. I personally highly recommend his creative genius to anyone and everyone. True talent and professionalism at it's best is what I would say describes a musical experience with Derek Linzy."

-Finesse Banks

"I have worked on a few different projects with Derek. He's professional yet relaxed, knowledegable about music and the business, yet unafraid to think outside the box to come up with original and interesting material. Derek has been a pleasure to work with and I hope I have other opportunities to work with him in the future."

Geneva Keith

"It was a pleasure working with Derek Linzy of dlnz productions he grab the concept and direction of where I was trying to go with my music and created an awesome sound for one of my songs (It Must Be Love) not to many producers can get your concept as fast, very professional and listens to what the artists is trying to convey and make it happen, can't wait to work on some new material thanks for your help,"

Mike De'Cole

"Our professional relationship spans almost 10 years and he is one of THE most creative and dedicated brothers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. This man is his craft, point blank."

"Working with dlnz productions has been a great experience. Very professional an down to earth, the atmosphere is great one of the best studio's I been to period dlnz is a good guy I have done a few tracks with him an plan on doing many more I personally wouldn't recommend any one else. He takes his time an put a lot of effort into your music an into building a relationship with his client's".


Curge johnson.

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size,I am Lady Diddy the CEO & founder of Minnesota Got Talent Inc. I have been working with Derek Linzy a little over a year & so far it has been a great experience. We released 4 original songs/videos using Derek Linzy's production. All you have to do is tell him your vision & he will bring it alive! He is also easy to work with & very professional. With that being said, we look forward to working with him much more in the future.

~Lady Diddyline height, colour and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

TeamBnt Music Group -We were honored to work with Derek Linzy and DLNZ Productions. Are project was made from scratch. All we had was ideas that he made into reality! He really took his time with us from engineering the beats to the minor tadbits that turned are project into a great Album. With flexible payment plans and flat rates we were able to not only finish are LP but save money and still have the best professional quality possible. Never being in a studio before Mr.Linzy really took his time to explain everything. We have learned so much an grown as artist through this experience and excited to be working on future projects with him!

-From the Most Talented Lyrical HipHop group in Minnesota. 


Everyone wants to make a hit, and the combination of DLNZ's talent with live instrumentation, his engineering genius, and the mind-blowing creativity for which he is known and sought, are a recipe for success every time--and I do mean EVERY time! He is meticulous with a project, so that every note, every key, EVERY NUANCE comes together to create a

true experience for the listener. Most impressive is the fact that, between major projects with celebrities, he still makes time to appear at local community events or advise aspiring artists, out of sheer love for the art, craft, and expression of music. He is fueled by passion, and it echoes in every beat. Jessica Wilson

Music is a form of expression and an outlet to express the deepest thoughts for ones self. My lyrics and words flow to the smooth beats that D-Llnz creates from the soul. His music puts you in the mind of neo soul and smooth R&B to the the high pitch rock n roll sounds that one can relate to when feeling anxious. Get in the booth with Derek and allow his music to come alive and transform you to pull from places you never that existed in your thoughts.

Elisa Ransom

Derek Linzy is not only fast, he is fast and efficient. He has the amazing ability to create a quality sound in just a matter of minutes. I've personally witnessed him make five beats in less than 10 minutes. I was blown away by his skill level! Furthermore, he is open minded, and open to all suggestions. If you have a particular instrument or distinct sound that you want to include, he is more than willing to add it to the production. With that beinging said if you are seeking a Producer and not just beat maker Dlnz may be the right fit for you.-

Coco Carter

  As a songwriter it's extremely difficult at times to find production that doesn't sound like everything else that's being put out right now. Before I met Derek, I was in limbo with trying to find production from someone who could take what was in my head and actually make it come to life through sound. Sometimes you meet beat makers, as I like to call them, that are stuck on what's hot right now and they're not willing to take a step back and actually listen to what the writer and the artist are looking for. That is the difference between a producer and a beat maker, the producer is looking from different angles he or she is always trying to find something different and they listen.

   Working with him has made a lot of different things easy for me as a songwriter and as artist. I can sit on Skype for a few hours with him and he listens to what I may be describing to him. He also doesn't make me feel like the sound that I'm looking for is wrong because usually become really don't beats or loops. That's someone that I think you always want around you. Someone who is easy to listen musically inclined enough to know what sounds you looking for what instrumentation to use etc.

   Derek Linzy is definitely one of the most talented producers and musicians that I know. So I am definitely going to continue working with him and I hope that the work and the placements that we get in the future will bring the more attention to this very talented man.


Ive had an opportunity to work with derek linzy for a couple months now. He offers creative insight and positive feedback. I was able to communicate to him what i was trying to accomplish in my music and he was able to provide instrumentals that enhanced my lyrics. This week i was 105.5fm radio stations hometown heat winner. I wanna thank derek for helping make this possible. I look foward to making more music with him.

Marterio Chapple aka Chapple Boy


Derek is now producing my 5th song with instructions given to him on my cell phone. Did I mention I live over 3000 miles away? He's handling everything from the final vocal mix and mastering. He has an amazing ability to capture what's inside my head. Talented unlimited.

my experience was very professional .

Everything I asked I received in my music . thank you

looking forward to working with you


Derek is a consummate professional and is one of the best sound engineers I have ever worked with. I nominate him Best Sound Engineer of 2015 and look forward to working with him in 2016 and beyond.

Tomeika W.

I have had the privilege of working with DLNZ on multiple projects over the years, and I can always expect the same professional, high quality service every time. Any artist can trust that their work will be fine-tuned by the same ear that works with the best in the industry. He always makes a good project better, and a hot tune comes out STEAMING! Thanks for another year of excellence, DLNZ!

Jessica wilson